Love is for friends, Day 7

For Shauna:

Day 7: I love that a lot of things aren't a big deal to you. I'm pretty dramatic at times, and it's refreshing to have a friend that isn't as much. (Yes, you can be dramatic too. Just not about the same things :) You don't think it's a big deal to drive 40 minutes for a cool antique shop. You don't care if the bill isn't split exactly down the middle. You don't mind if I help myself to a treat on your counter. You don't care that sand gets all in the car because you know the trip to the beach was so worth it. And you don't seem to mind all my hesitation with bill inequity and sand and my dramatics about lots of other stuff that doesn't matter. It feels freeing to be your friend. Thanks for that.

For Leslie:

Day 7: i love that we are not the same. and you are really one of the people in my life that has taught me to question the importance of same-ness.  cause really if you think about it, same-ness is a pain, at times. what if when we went shopping we were always tug-o-waring for the size 8? nope. if there is a 2, you get it. if there is an 8, i get it. easy. this is really the heart of our blog. two are better than one and even better if their strengths are kinda opposites, so when one sucks struggles at something, the other is there to lift her up!
i love that you seem to soar at the subjects i am lame at..... adding up the bill, assessing what my husband meant by some random comment that is bothering me, planning ahead, thinking of options (and i know i rock at making the final choices :).....we are not the same....praise the Lord!

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