yes. love is for friends too.

i can play this game.

the reasons i love my friend leslie:

day 1.  you are so good at pursuing  relationship.
this has taught me so much about love.  i have used it in ALL my relationships.
this character trait that God put in you has (slowly) rubbed off onto me and i am getting better everyday at finding that bravery to pursue relationship with the ones i love.
you call it leaning in.
when i feel like backing out, because of you, i try to lean in.

{Thanks, friends, for following our February Advent. To view all the posts in this conversation, click on the tag "Love is for friends" on the sidebar}

1 comment:

  1. you make me laugh, copier in a good way. that is a funny pic I've never seen which appears to be taken at neither of our houses??

    thank you for the generous words.


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