a vow

in light of our conversation over my kitchen table this morning
involving a vow to learn these lovely instruments,
i think you should see this.
it is really so beautiful.

i can totally picture us doing it!
it is so dramatic and romantic.
and we both have streaks of both those qualities, right?

so in three years.
ella will be in first grade.
nate will be in 3rd (is that right? crazy!)
we will learn these instruments and become another level of a duet.
shauna reed on the viola.
leslie padgett on the cello.
tidbit on the side lines.
cake and cotton waiting for a new post.

sound good?

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh this is so awesome!! yes. I love it and i'm in on the vow. you're gonna be jealous i get a chair though. you may want to reconsider your instrument. perhaps the harp?

    of course i immediately had to look up the origin and meaning of "passacaglia." the Spanish means "passing through the streets" like a procession. but the form of music it refers to is always in triple time with a repeating bass line. cool huh? ok, maybe someone else will care about that part.

    ps. nate will be starting 4th when ella starts 1st.


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